Help Someone’s Story On ‘A Special Community’s’ Facebook Page Go Viral

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A Special Community is a Facebook Page started by professional speaker on the autism spectrum Kerry Magro that highlights people impacted by a diagnosis (those with disabilities and/or disease) in the hopes of breaking down barriers. With your help today, we can get their stories out there to a larger audience! Our most popular post was viewed over 4.1 Million times!

Help these individuals stories by making a tax-deductible donation here, telling us on the form in the specific instructions to sender box who’s story you’d like to donate too and will use your donation to ‘boost the post’ of the story on Facebook.

This will help their story become ‘sponsored’ meaning it will be seen by more people on Facebook in the hopes it may go viral and/or may lead to media attention for that person to share their story even farther.

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There is no limit on how much you can give whether it’s $20, $2,000, etc.

You can watch and pick your favorite video to boost from A Special Community video series collection here.