Supporting Small Businesses That Hire People With Disabilities (Grant Opportunity)

Supporting Small Businesses That Hire People With Disabilities (Grant Opportunity)

Deadline: November 27, 2023 at Midnight EST

Fill out the grant application here

Grant Amount: $500 (3 recipients)

Small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. With that in mind, my nonprofit, KFM Making A Difference/Kerry’s Autism Journey, wants to help these businesses, through these financially challenging times, with a grant opportunity!

We are asking small businesses to write an essay of no more than 1,000 words sharing their story in addition to sending us at least 5 high-resolution images we can use in the story. This should be an original essay that has never been shared before. Things you might want to include in your essay include…

  • The year the business started, your businesses EIN number, and how many people with disabilities you’ve hired (both overall and currently employed at your company)
  • Your role in the company and how long you’ve been there
  • The name of the small business.
  • The small business’s mission.
  • Why it’s important to give people with a disability a chance to find meaningful employment
  • Any success stories you’ve had over the years.
  • What it means to you to have a month (National Disability Employment Awareness Month) to celebrate the importance of hiring people with disabilities.

Once we receive your essay via the grant application link above it will go live on for others to view. By submitting this essay you also agree to allow us to make edits, most of which would most likely only be grammatical changes.

The decision on the winners of the scholarship shall be in the sole discretion of KFM Making A Difference and will be announced in Mid-December. The winning essay will be based, at least in part, on the amount of online interest in your essay (amount of times it’s shared on social media via Facebook/Twitter/Etc. and the amount of pageviews it receives up till December 4th). We encourage you to share your essay, once it’s live on, as many times as you can with your friends and family to help build the online interest for your essay. We will send you an email with the link to your essay once it’s live on


  • Your business must have an EIN number
  • Your business must actively be focused on disability inclusion.
  • If you are an owner of a company and have a disability you are also eligible

Questions? Email me at

Need a speaker for your next event? I travel the country as a professional speaker & autism self-advocate and would love to work with you. Email me at for more details.

Help support Kerry Magro, a young man on the autism spectrum who started this grant to help others in our disability community!

Kerry has made it his mission to help others with autism and special needs via this grant and if you’d like to pay it forward that would be amazing. Kerry considers referrals of places he may be able to speak as one of the highest compliments. Kerry has spoken to companies small and large about the ROI Benefits of hiring people with disabilites. If you know of a group who may need a speaker please send him an email at! You can learn more about our nonprofit founder Kerry Magro, a professional speaker and best-selling author on the autism spectrum at You can also follow him on Facebook here and Instagram here.